The UHF connectors  have a rotation thread coupling and they are robust connectors. Its impedance is not well defined, although it’s often used for 50 Ω systems. It must be used until 300 MHz to obtain a good VSWR. Its main application is in low frequency mobile communication systems.


UHF coaxial connectors (PL)


ALFA’R industrial connectors of UHF series have a high quality. All insulators of these connectors are made in PTFE (teflon) or Bakelite, and contacts are silverplating as standard type, although goldplating is possible under request. There are different kind of UHF coaxial connectors for standard and special cables and several shapes: straight, right angle, panel,…About cable assembly, many types ara available: soldered, clamp, crimp, quick type,…


standard: IEC 169-12                                                                               Conformité_Européenne

UHF connectors catalogue (PL)


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