MCX series connectors are miniature connectors, which their coupling connection is by means of snap-on system. The inner contact and insulator support design is practically identical to SMB connectors series, but in MCX series the outer coupling mechanism has been optimized obtaining a space reduction of 30 % compared with SMB series, without loosing an increase of reliable characteristics.


Its characteristic impedance is 50 Ω and is suitable to use up to 6 GHz applications. Typical uses of MCX connectors are wireless systems, GPS systems and, in general, in any communication and test equipment, where small sizes are an important feature.


MCX coaxial connectors

There are MCX coaxial connectors for standard and special cables (flexible, semirigid, rigid…). Different shape versions: straight, right angle, SMD mounting… About cable assembly, several types are available: soldered, clamp, crimp….


standard: IEC 61169-36                                                                 Conformité_Européenne

MCX connectors catalogue


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