RF Coaxial Connectors 50Ω and 75Ω up to 24GHz

RF coaxial connectors: From microcoaxial to 50 Ω and 75 Ω power coaxial connectors, up to 24 GHz depending on version. Crimp systems, tow press, “quick”. Complying with military regulations and IEC.


The widest range of high-quality coaxial connectors for the telecommunication, automotive, industrial, electro-medical and military sectors, tailored to the specific needs of our customers.


At Alfar Connectors we offer a wide range of coaxial connectors for all globally accepted series: from adapters, connectors, panels and PCBs to tools and components as accessories.


Coaxial Connectors


The use of the coaxial connector as a connection solution has increased in a large proportion in different industrial sectors, which implies a technological leap in these markets.


Currently there is a wide variety of models and sizes of these rf plugs, and depending on the different applications that can be used, can be used from direct current up to 110 GHz.


When using a low frequency coaxial connector up to 3 MHz, the main requirement is to have a good electrical contact, as well as good shielding, since it acts as an electrical connection point.


Starting at 300 MHz, they begin to act as part of the transmission line that acts as a connector between a signal generator system and a metering or charging system. This happens to be many times the weakest part of the system, so for the correct choice of a coaxial connector it is necessary to know its geometry, physical dimensions and electrical-mechanical specifications.

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