We offer you our cable-connector connection or JUMPER service, with which you benefit from a product of the highest quality, tested, with a highly competitive price and delivery time.


Forget about the tedious task of connections. Tell us your needs and we will offer you the best solution.


We offer all types of connections:


  • Coaxial jumpers.
  • Electrical jumpers.
  • Multipole jumpers.
  • Fiber optic jumpers.
  • Combinated jumpers (CombiTech), different technologies in a one-connection.


We have the most modern means of production and measurement for the realization of connections. With the possibility of product certification, if it is necessary or the measurement of specific parameters.


Connecting systems and hoses

Electrical connections for communications and radio frequency, require more and more quality connections, safe and reliable, sometimes in adverse environments (vibrations, environmental, by use…). Because that, it is why it is important not only to use the best connectors and cables, as well to use the best assembly techniques and knowledges.


ALFA’R provides complete connections for sectors such as Automotive, Telecommunications, Entertainment Spot-Lighting, Mining, Air-Space, Military, Railway, Naval, Electromedicine, Access Control, Vending, Security, Industrial, etc.

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