Our visit to the SPS IPC DRIVES 2017 fair in Nuremberg

As we mentioned a few months ago, Alfa’ r Connectors attended the most well-known European trade fair in the automation sector as exhibitors. On this occasion we would like to tell you about our visit to the SPS IPC DRIVES 2017 in Nuremberg, an unforgettable experience from which only positive things have been achieved.

Last November, on the 28th, 29th and 30th of November, we attended the SPS IPC DRIVES trade fair, an event that brings together leading figures in the electrical automation sector. Here we present news regarding software, technologies, in our case, connectors and all types of products related to the sector.

Alpha’ r in the SPS IPC DRIVES

Thus, we had the opportunity and the pleasure to participate in this last edition of 2017, where we exhibited a selection of electrical connectors. Part of our team spent the three days in this beautiful German city on their stand, having the pleasure of having been able to greet and, in many cases meet our customers and a multitude of collaborators.

Alfar present at the SPS IPC Drives show 2017

This experience has allowed us to strengthen ties with former clients and to face some others. This is because we work internationally, which is why with many of them we were never able to meet until the event happened. Similarly, we have met many other professionals in the connectors sector, both competitors and future partners and customers.

In any case, it is clear that the SPS IPC DRIVES fair in Nuremberg has had for us an affectionate and human component that we truly loved. To be able to promote these values is not always easy and this occasion has made us feel different, united in a different way to our clients and, above all, surprised by what events of this type, which seem to be exclusively working, can achieve.

Of course, not all the success of the event has been on an emotional level. It is more than evident that an event of this magnitude and with the experience of the professionals of assembly, coordination and a very long etcetera. it would have to be perfect, as it was. We were able to see how the entire staff was involved in every aspect we could imagine. In this way, the experience has been unforgettable for exhibitors, customers and collaborators alike.

In short, during our visit to the SPS IPC DRIVES trade fair in Nuremberg, we all had the opportunity, as exhibitors, to offer perfect integrated automation solutions.

public entrance to the SPS IPC Drives fair 2017

We have also seen how simple it is to work with colleagues in the sector who, each of them in their own field, have been able to compete fairly with all the others, being able to offer complete electronic automation services to each and every one of the customers, whose needs were, of course, very different.

At Alfa’ r connectors we are very grateful to have been able to attend an event of such magnitude and to be able to meet such a diversity of personalities.