Connectors for critical communication difficult to access in public transport

Date: 15 March 2019 | Coaxial connectors

Although there are many situations in which you will be able to use one or another of our products without great differences, the truth is that there are other moments in which it is especially important to choose the right one, one that is especially specific to the need that comes along. A clear example of this would be that of connectors for critical communication that is difficult to access on public transport.

RF coaxial connectors to enable critical communication that is difficult to access in public transport.

For this company, at Alfa´R we have the RF coaxial connectors, which offer the features and have the ideal characteristics to offer the best results.

What are coaxial cables like and what do they offer?

Coaxial cable is also known as coax or coax cable. It was designed in the 1930s with the aim of transporting high frequency electrical signals by double conduction.

Of course, there are many different types, so that we can meet, within the problem of this critical communication, the different needs that occur, which may be different in several aspects.

Coxial cables to enable critical communication difficult to access in public transport

For this reason, the construction of one and the other can become quite different. What they have in common is that they have two drivers. The first is the core, of twisted wire or as a solid wire, and transmits the information from one point to another. The second is the mesh, which surrounds the previous one, remaining on the outside with respect to this, and serves as a reference ground as well as making the currents return. In addition, it is included between the two we have an insulator or dielectric that includes very diverse characteristics. There is another insulator that covers this whole set; this is known as an outer jacket.

As for the RF coaxial connectors that we have in Alfa´R, these are of the most varied, having taken the determination of solving any problem that a client can make us arrive referring to his project.

Thus, we see that we have microcoaxials that begin with impedances of 50 Ohms up to models of great diameter able to work up to 110 GHz.

Some aspects that can be chosen and that personalize the product are the quick system, the crimping capacity, the cable gland system, of course, the diameter, materials such as polyethylene, PVC or polytetraluoroethylene, frequencies that start very low and a long etcetera.

In any case, all of them comply with military regulations and, of course, IEC, so that they can be used safely given their high reliability.

Of course, we also have panels, adapters, PCBs and specific tools to make your installation and that the connections between elements are given effectively.

Finally, indicate that RF coaxials are not only connectors for critical communication difficult to access in public transport but are used in industry in general, in telecommunications, in electromedicine and, of course, in the military sector, where they are predominant.

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