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Date: 22 March 2019 | Multi-contact connectors

There are occasions when those who do not dedicate themselves to it will not imagine that the use of our products may be required. They are usually related to audiovisual shows and large industries. However, Alfa´R we are much closer to the user than it may seem because, for example, we design connectors for the connection between wagons; that is, every time you go by train you do it, among many other things, thanks to an effective connection between its parts.

How are the connectors for the connection between wagons of Alfa´R?

The B-C series of multi-contact connectors type CARTER are not only used to enable connections between wagons. In any sector where a robust connection is required, they can be an excellent option to consider. And although the main one is the railway industry, they are also used as a first choice in many works of mining, naval industry, chemical and heavy among others.

In addition, they have the possibility of making combinations between electrical and coaxial contacts, fluids, air and optical fiber, so that signals of different nature can be integrated in the same connector, multiplying the possibilities of use.

As far as safety is concerned, they are granted IP-68 protection and, of course, all aspects relating to the UL and IEC electrical safety standards are complied with.

B-C series connectors are MutiContacts MC type CARTER

Physical characteristics of the B-C series of CARTER type multi-contact connectors

Its manufacture has always been very robust, thinking of the difficulties given by the external agents that must withstand. We are not only talking about a strong traction at a mechanical level that makes, obviously, the resistance at this level is maximum. Many of these connectors (but not all) are also exposed to factors such as weather conditions.

Thus, we have that the connectors for the connection between wagons, both type 1 and type 3, are the largest in our repertoire of solutions.

We offer 9 different sizes that can be customized with different configurations. These range from 5 to 30 cm for the diameter of your insulator. In them we can incorporate types and distribution of contacts according to need.

On the other hand, its body can be designed to be coupled to lever or screw, made in base or in aerial.

The crimp contacts, made of copper alloy, are covered with gold on nickel/silver. In the case of straps, we also have the combination of gold/nickel/silver and precipitated CuBe. The retainers are made of stainless steel. Solder or crimp retainers are made of copper alloy, but coated in silver and also including the retainer in stainless steel.

All of them have a cover, which is another way of protecting the interconnection zone.

Its positioner allows a perfect alignment between the pairs.

The insulators, on the other hand, have different rotation possibilities, so that there are no connection errors, whatever the circumstance, even if there are multiple connectors.

We give standard coating, in nickel or painted/anodized in black.

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