BNC coaxial connectors

Date: 29 December 2017 | Coaxial connectors

BNC coaxial connectors are a small version of the C-type connector and correspond to the acronym Bayonet Neill-Concelman. It is a type of industrial connector that is designed for quick connection and disconnection of coaxial cables. The male connector has a crown that allows you to close the gun with a small turn.

Its development will be inspired by a connector already patented by Octavio Salati, so that reflection and wave loss are minimal in coaxial cable connections.

History of the BNC name

It is known as Bayonet Nipple Connector, Barrel Nut Connector, British Naval Connector, Bayonet Navy Conector, Baby N Connector, and British National Connector.

These connectivity sistems are made so that they can be connected as the beginning or end of coaxial cables, i. e. to close them.

BNC coaxial industrial connector

In the 80s they were very well known, as this product was a great revolution. The most notable of these came from the Ethernet type 10 base 2 networks, in conjunction with the BNC-T connectors.

They belong to one of the most commonly used types of connectors at connection-disconnection level, using what is called a bayonet system.

They are currently used in a large majority of devices, such as professional video cameras, measuring equipment (oscilloscopes, antennas,…), audio components or composite video signals use this type of BNC coaxial connectors. It is used for devices that are related to the RF signals of RadioFrequency.

BNC coaxial connector

Impedance data

There are two types of impedance. On the one hand we have 50 Ohm impedance BNC coaxial connectors for 4 GHz frequency and then there are 75 Ohm impedance BNCs for frequencies up to 2 GHz.

How do I assemble a BNC connector?

There are three methods of mounting this connector. You can weld, quick mount or crimp. The choice of an assembly type depends on the tools you have to assemble it.

BNC coaxial conector

The most recommended system is the crimping system, because the grip of the BNC coaxial connector to the cable itself is much stronger.

Another widely used mounting system is the fast mounting system, because as its own name indicates it is done in a short period of time. All you need is a screwdriver and pliers.

BNC RF Coaxial Connector

Alfar SL has a wide range of BNC coaxial connectors. We also have a flexible manufacturing program, so we can make industrial connectors to suit the customer’s needs. We provide connectors for standard, semi-rigid, special and flexible cables. All of them comply with IEC 169-8 standards.

BNC connectors

For good VSWR results, use the 50 Ohms BNC connector (for frequencies above 4 GHz) and the 75 Ohms connector (when frequencies exceed 1.5 GHz). They can also be interconnected between the two types.

The (Bayonet Neil ConcelmanBNC series of coaxial connectors is the most useful of all the existing ones. If you have to make connections on data communication devices or security systems you can use them without any problems.

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