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Although the greatest responsibility when a product is useful lies in the quality of its parts, its assembly, the level of detail and so on, we must say that certain comparisons can always be made, such as the one we bring today on industrial connectors: rectangular vs. circular. Find out which are better and why in this post.

If you haven’t read our latest post on industrial connector types according to the professional sector, you can do so before going on with this one. It will help you to understand in more depth the dilemma raised in the next lines.

Are rectangular or circular industrial connectors better?

Industrial connectors are made in two designs in terms of shape, rectangular or circular. Each type has specific advantages and uses in which it will stand out above the other. However, it has to be said that we can also consider them in a general way, without taking into account the use given to each one and, in this way, understand what each one offers and, therefore, know which one is “better” like that, said badly and soon.

Rectangular connectors

You’ve probably seen the circular industrial connector much more often and therefore think it might be better. However, the real reason why it is much more established in the vast majority of industries is because of its age. With this we already know that the rectangular has been designed a posteriori and, as with many other products, it is an improved version of the circular, its predecessor, so that we already answer, in part, to the question we present.

rectangular connectors

The rectangular connector, after needing a lot of time for its design and development, satisfies certain needs that were little covered as well as those that have been added in various sectors over the years.

Advantages of rectangular connectors over circular connectors

Let’s see, directly, what advantages have the rectangular type connections in the different industries with respect to the old circular connectors.

  • They offer greater protection of the pins.
  • They have a greater spatial efficiency because, inside, practically all of their surface is occupied.
  • They are connected to devices that circulars cannot, for example, PCBs, coaxial, fiber optics or Ethernet themselves.
  • They combine different signal types in the same connector using standard modules.
  • They include multiple locking options.
  • Greater protection against overvoltage.
  • They are, in general, more reliable.
  • Visually they have a simpler coupling.
  • There is greater flexibility for wiring options.
  • More mounting options are given.
  • They are more economical.
  • Easier to customize.

circular connectorscircular connectors

Finally, we must once again remember that in this rectangular vs. circular comparison that must be taken into account for the purchase of industrial connectors has much to do with the purpose and certain conditions, so that not always the most obvious option is the most appropriate. The best thing is to have a good professional advice, based on your project and its particularities, advise you the most appropriate type. Only in this way will you be able to say that you are using the right products to achieve the best result.

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In our more than five decades of experience we have drawn many conclusions in relation to our products, customers and the projects they carry out. One of these conclusions is that electronic connectors are still, to this day, unknown to many. In this post we will try to shed some more light on the subject and update you on its uses. Another problem is the choice of the right type of industrial connector.

When an electronic product is or is going to be designed, aspects such as reliability, the functioning of the parts that compose it and at a general level and other essential aspects when offering said product to a client, whether an intermediary or final client, must be studied and, depending on this, evaluated.

The process involves choosing those passive and active components, carrying out signalling and visualisation and other actions using software appropriate to the objectives and characteristics of the product itself. The whole must be located in a PCB which, of course, must be in line with the elements it contains in terms of dimensions and other characteristics.

Of course, this PCB will require a connection for the different elements. This is done through the use of conductive metal tracks, with copper standing out for its good performance and economic price.

industrial connectors

The connections must be made to measure, so that the needs of each of the products that make up the whole are met while the general needs for which this particular product has been used are met. Thus, the connection must be tailor-made, even when we are talking about electronic products.

Similarly, we must not forget that the connections of each of the parts to another, to a different PCB or to different devices can also occur, requiring connectors.

The problem is that sometimes the hardware that the customer works with is unknown to him or, although known, is not mastered to the necessary level. Added to that we have the fact that, with the enormous availability of products from different manufacturers, the choice becomes even more difficult if possible.

The wrong choice of electronic connectors

In general, a comfortable model is selected, which allows easy access to what would be a first sampled. However, the disadvantage (or problem in every rule) arises at the time when we work in mass production, finding situations such as costs rise, deliveries are delayed or do not reach the minimum quantities. This happens when a professional pre-selection has not been carried out.

On the other hand, there is also the difficulty that these are very difficult to identify when we are presented with already developed hardware. Of course, customers rarely have this information, which leaves in our hands all the responsibility of choosing the right one. There is such a big rank of typical mistakes.

electronic connectors

How do we solve it on Alfa´r?

The solution is very simple. It involves working with a sufficient but not infinite number of solutions. It is about offering everything that an electronic connector can provide in the least number of parts possible, so that neither the customer is overwhelmed or lost nor do we leave needs unfulfilled.

Thus, it must opt for specific but multifunctional pieces, of very high quality, exigency and reliability. It is necessary that the range is wide but conventional.

The minimum options go through the aerial connections of the PCB, offering the possibility of working with different types of cable. If you need additional information or you want to hire our services, we can offer you a personalized plan.

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Although the connectors were a real revolution when they were put on the market, allowing us to offer services that had been impossible until now, the fact is that the types of connection tools also deserve attention.

What are connecting tools?

Connecting tools, as we can deduce by name, are all those tools that are used to enable the connection of parts such as connectors, hoses, different types of cable or adapters, or those used to improve the result of a basic connection.

From among a large group, we differentiate, mainly, three types: stripping, crimping and assembly of connectors.

Stripping tools for connection

This type of useful what it does is, by means of the accomplishment of an initial notch, to peel easily a cable, discarding its cover (the plastic) and allowing us to accede to the real elements of connection.

There are models for large cable and others more conventional and versatile, such as pliers or parrot beak pliers, which peel small diameter cable and wire and that, generally, are what people usually have at home. There are manual and automatic. It is necessary that the model acquired allows us to work with both flexible cable as rigid and semi.

On the other hand, the foam-dielectric emptyers are used, as indicated, to empty the dielectric. They can also cut the screen and even, depending on the model, the cover.

Finally, in this section we would also find both fixed and variable blades. These would also serve to strip cable as well as to cut this and other elements.

stripping tools

Crimping tools for connection

Crimping tools are a kind of key that may or may not include matrices. The essential thing is that we make versatile pieces, that is, that they have clamps that can be interchanged, so that we can use the same one for different types of cable as well as to use them also in external conductors and with pins.

Here we leave you a small demonstration on how to use crimping tools.

The tools for mounting connectors for connection

These are more general, being familiar to many people. The difference is that, in these cases, their designs are designed specifically for the connection.

In general, they are subdivided, by function, into those for compressing, those for extracting and, of course, all kinds of special wrenches for carrying out all kinds of actions impossible to obtain with the rest of the tools for the connection such as the fixed wrench, the male F fastening wrench, for nuts, for mounting SMA fittings, for insertion…

connecting tools

Are the connecting tools necessary?

Indeed, although placing connectors is not a difficult job when we find the right one, the truth is that using the right tools is necessary not only to achieve better results but also to maintain safety conditions, avoiding injuries, electrocutions, etc..

However, it is as important as using tools to choose the ones related to each activity. Therefore, keep this post in your favorites so you can consult it often. If you still need professional advice you can contact us.


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