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There are occasions when those who do not dedicate themselves to it will not imagine that the use of our products may be required. They are usually related to audiovisual shows and large industries. However, Alfa´R we are much closer to the user than it may seem because, for example, we design connectors for the connection between wagons; that is, every time you go by train you do it, among many other things, thanks to an effective connection between its parts.

How are the connectors for the connection between wagons of Alfa´R?

The B-C series of multi-contact connectors type CARTER are not only used to enable connections between wagons. In any sector where a robust connection is required, they can be an excellent option to consider. And although the main one is the railway industry, they are also used as a first choice in many works of mining, naval industry, chemical and heavy among others.

In addition, they have the possibility of making combinations between electrical and coaxial contacts, fluids, air and optical fiber, so that signals of different nature can be integrated in the same connector, multiplying the possibilities of use.

As far as safety is concerned, they are granted IP-68 protection and, of course, all aspects relating to the UL and IEC electrical safety standards are complied with.

B-C series connectors are MutiContacts MC type CARTER

Physical characteristics of the B-C series of CARTER type multi-contact connectors

Its manufacture has always been very robust, thinking of the difficulties given by the external agents that must withstand. We are not only talking about a strong traction at a mechanical level that makes, obviously, the resistance at this level is maximum. Many of these connectors (but not all) are also exposed to factors such as weather conditions.

Thus, we have that the connectors for the connection between wagons, both type 1 and type 3, are the largest in our repertoire of solutions.

We offer 9 different sizes that can be customized with different configurations. These range from 5 to 30 cm for the diameter of your insulator. In them we can incorporate types and distribution of contacts according to need.

On the other hand, its body can be designed to be coupled to lever or screw, made in base or in aerial.

The crimp contacts, made of copper alloy, are covered with gold on nickel/silver. In the case of straps, we also have the combination of gold/nickel/silver and precipitated CuBe. The retainers are made of stainless steel. Solder or crimp retainers are made of copper alloy, but coated in silver and also including the retainer in stainless steel.

All of them have a cover, which is another way of protecting the interconnection zone.

Its positioner allows a perfect alignment between the pairs.

The insulators, on the other hand, have different rotation possibilities, so that there are no connection errors, whatever the circumstance, even if there are multiple connectors.

We give standard coating, in nickel or painted/anodized in black.

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Although there are many situations in which you will be able to use one or another of our products without great differences, the truth is that there are other moments in which it is especially important to choose the right one, one that is especially specific to the need that comes along. A clear example of this would be that of connectors for critical communication that is difficult to access on public transport.

RF coaxial connectors to enable critical communication that is difficult to access in public transport.

For this company, at Alfa´R we have the RF coaxial connectors, which offer the features and have the ideal characteristics to offer the best results.

What are coaxial cables like and what do they offer?

Coaxial cable is also known as coax or coax cable. It was designed in the 1930s with the aim of transporting high frequency electrical signals by double conduction.

Of course, there are many different types, so that we can meet, within the problem of this critical communication, the different needs that occur, which may be different in several aspects.

Coxial cables to enable critical communication difficult to access in public transport

For this reason, the construction of one and the other can become quite different. What they have in common is that they have two drivers. The first is the core, of twisted wire or as a solid wire, and transmits the information from one point to another. The second is the mesh, which surrounds the previous one, remaining on the outside with respect to this, and serves as a reference ground as well as making the currents return. In addition, it is included between the two we have an insulator or dielectric that includes very diverse characteristics. There is another insulator that covers this whole set; this is known as an outer jacket.

As for the RF coaxial connectors that we have in Alfa´R, these are of the most varied, having taken the determination of solving any problem that a client can make us arrive referring to his project.

Thus, we see that we have microcoaxials that begin with impedances of 50 Ohms up to models of great diameter able to work up to 110 GHz.

Some aspects that can be chosen and that personalize the product are the quick system, the crimping capacity, the cable gland system, of course, the diameter, materials such as polyethylene, PVC or polytetraluoroethylene, frequencies that start very low and a long etcetera.

In any case, all of them comply with military regulations and, of course, IEC, so that they can be used safely given their high reliability.

Of course, we also have panels, adapters, PCBs and specific tools to make your installation and that the connections between elements are given effectively.

Finally, indicate that RF coaxials are not only connectors for critical communication difficult to access in public transport but are used in industry in general, in telecommunications, in electromedicine and, of course, in the military sector, where they are predominant.

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One of the main aggressions suffered by certain products we sell is vibration. There are environments in which this cannot be avoided and, therefore, affects all the elements located in the area. At Alfa´r we do our bit in this regard by offering vibration-resistant industrial connectors.

How are our B-92 vibration-resistant industrial connectors?

At Alfa´r you’ll find unique, vibration-resistant industrial connectors that are unique, manufactured only by us, and with features that make them superior to competing connectors in many ways. These correspond to the B-92 series of multi-contact circular connectors and, combining their multiple characteristics, we can obtain up to 60 different combinations because, in addition, it is a custom connector.

So that vibration is not a problem, at Alfa´r we have included the possibility that any of our B-92 industrial contacts can include our unique anti-vibration system. We achieve that our product and the system it connects are maintained by using toothed fittings as well as strapping for use on the base. In this way, the connection is made impossible by the mere fact that the surface they are on is vibrating; the only way to achieve this is by manually actuating the strap.

This makes it ideal for use in many industrial environments as well as for cable to plate connections. Some examples are automation, industrial controls and drive, in robotics, in process machinery, in instrumentation and test equipment in various sectors…

As we have said, the various features of the series allow us to offer six dozen different combinations, so you can enjoy the benefits of our patented anti-vibration system whatever your need.

These combinations go through sizes of insulator diameter from 10 to 70, number of pins from 2 to 39, contacts to crimp or weld, with amperage from 7.5 to 80 A, with bodies of anodized aluminum or nickel plated, with safety springs, with dielectrics available in PPS or thermostable, with cable glands in metal or plastic, for connection to hose, cable or corrugated tube with diameters from 1 to 55 mm, bae forms, angled or aerial with and without connector …

The result is a custom-made anti-vibration connector that will have more than half a million cyclone connection and disconnection and insulation in a variety of turns to avoid connection errors themselves in those systems that use multiple connectors.

It is robust with respect to the action of the environment and with IP-68 or protection plug to ensure good conditions, reliability and longer life in your system. Moreover, it is a product that combines coaxial and electrical contacts without problem, so it serves as a point of union where others can not do so.

Finally, we encourage you to take a look at our catalogue of vibration-resistant industrial connectors to see all the possibilities.

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Certain means of transport require industrial connector solutions from Alfa´R. There are not a few customers who own well-known companies in the sector who come to us with a need and that is precisely what we want to talk about today. We refer, of course, to the connectors used in ticket vending machines and public transport entrance doors.


What are the connectors used in ticket vending machines and public transport entrance doors?

It doesn’t matter if we talk about subway, train, railroad or any other, the truth is that for this type of situations it is the series of connectors that are used.


MC Circular Connectors: 92 Series

MC circular connectors are robust products that stand out for their flexibility. With five different sizes that indicate the diameter of the insulator used, we can create for you more than 60 configurations, with 2 to 39 pins (which, in addition, will also be of different size, ranging from the millimeter to 5.75, so that you always, ALWAYS, have a solution Alfa´R, either for ticket machines travel or for the doors of transport.

They will offer you more than half a million cycles to connect and disconnect, they have IP-68 as watertightness degree, their body is manufactured in aluminum, either anodized or nickel plated. Gold-plated brass is used for their contacts.

They include the possibility of choosing the dielectric both in PPS and in thermostable, anti-vibration system, forms that go from the straight or angled aerial or in bases, being able to choose if to include fitting or not to do it, to include plug for protection and to choose the rotation of the insulators.

Circular connector

MC Rack Connectors

The MC connectors for racks serve to offer you the best solutions of this type we have nothing more and nothing less than three series: the B-SML, the B-SMR and the B-SMF. All the products included in these come from B-SMP series modules, exclusive to Alfa´R.

The way to do this is by stacking them in aluminium frames and, depending on the shape of the frame, its guides and the fastening chosen, we make up a multitude of connector designs that fit into the three MC series we have mentioned.

The B-SML has positioning and floating guides next to the fixing float.

The B-SMR includes them in the protrusion.

The B-SMF does not have a float but includes fixing screws. These, with the guides, go over the shoulder.

multicontact connectors connected for rack

According to the contacts hosted, we find solutions:

Electric: They form monoblocks that combine male-male, female-male or female-female. Each monobloc will include 2, 3, 5 or 8 pieces and its nominal current will go from 75.5 amperes to 25.
Coaxial: Blocks of 2 connectors are made male – male, female-female or male-female, that yes, of 50 or 75 ohms. They can be assembled and disassembled in monoblocks using extractors. They offer compatibility with other connectors with the subD, coax for example.
Fiber: The blocks of connectors will be 2, 3 or 5 units.
Air: Can be vacuum or compressed. Connectors are grouped in blocks by male-male, male-female or female-female pairs.

conectors used in the public transport sector

And with this we conclude this post on the connectors connectors used in the vending machines of tickets and in the doors of entrance of public transports. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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Electrical connectors for electrical mobility -valga the redundant- are a necessary solution for certain circumstances in which, due to the “dangerous” nature of the situation, the inclusion of products with more specific characteristics is required.

Mobility requires a series of requirements that are varied, always depending on the particular situation, and which, of course, are not easy to manage, hence the need, as we say, for nothing general solutions.

In most cases, these requirements go through coupling cycles, load and recharge capacity, resistance to elements such as vibration or temperature, etc.


Electrical connectors for the electric mobility of the hand d Alfa´R


In order to be able to offer high quality solutions, at Alfa´R we have dedicated a lot of effort, time and other resources to research the best alternatives.

In this way, we have been able to successfully conclude the design of an extensive catalogue of high intensity electrical connectors. These include innovative materials, being the most appropriate in each specific case.

In this way, automotive technology, particularising towards high power current transfer in difficult situations, is covered by reliable connection solutions of the highest quality.

One of the main concerns is the contact with auxiliary components, which can be very diverse, as is the case of the air conditioning compressor. Our electrical connectors for electric mobility are highly effective in this situation.

On the other hand, also plug-in electric vehicles are compatible with our products so the user of such mobility solutions also take advantage of the advantages of Alfa´R.

In general, we can say that our high intensity contacts are optimal for use in applications where two spring contacts are given or above. Switches, bushings, circuit breakers, disconnectors and transformers are some of the elements in which their use is indicated.

What are our electrical connectors for electrical mobility like physically?

The series of connectors Alfa´R that offers this type of solutions is the B-AI.

This consists of products of compact design and small size, in a perfect balance to save the cost per material without sacrificing an ounce in efficiency or performance. Safety has always been and will always be a cornerstone for us and the design of these connectors confirms this.

These are characterised by their robustness and have a fairly large contact interface, ensuring that the connection is ferrous.

The elastic cone system offers an excellent connection between male and female parts with many contact points.


Of course, we have them in different calibers (from 4 to 40 mm), with different number of cones (between 2 and 10), contact areas from 20 to 1200 mm², cable sections from 5 to 630 mm², with natural finish, without treatment, or in silver finish, with silver brass, ideal for cases where you want to improve connectivity.

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