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The most widely used and successful connectors for the video surveillance industry today are the BNC and TNC series. If you want to know why he keeps reading because we describe them so you can know their characteristics and possibilities.

BNC connectors for the video surveillance industry

These, known as the BNC series by their name Bayonet Neil Concelman, are widely used connectors in many industries, including video surveillance. This is because they have a very easy to connect and disconnect system based on the use of a bayonet.

That is why they are also protagonists in data communication, broadcast, instrumentation, radio system…

BNC coaxial industrial connector

BNC connectors are RF coaxial connectors that work at 50 and 75 omhios (at 4 GHhz and a frequency range of 10 GHz and 1.5 GHz and a range of 4 GHz respectively) and with the ability to interconnect with each other. They follow the IEC 169-8 standard.

Being specialized in coaxial connectors allows us to offer a wide range of products for the surveillance sector, which include a wide range of options such as its shape (which can be straight, panel, PCB, angled…), the assembly of the cable (in cable glands, soldered, crimped…), features for using both standard and special cables…

These have, on average, 500 connection cycles, have PTFE insulation material, silicone gaskets, a temperature range from -65 to 165º…

TNC connectors for the video surveillance industry

Another ideal choice of connectors for use in the video surveillance industry is the TNC series, named Thread Neil Concelman.

These work by coupling to threads, characteristics that make them more reliable and stable than the previous ones. The standard governing them is IEC 169-17.

They match the series of RF coaxial connectors in their applications and also in their impedance. However, we see that these exceed 11 GHz and 1.5 GHz, for 50 and 75 omhios. Its maximum frequency range is 18 GHz in the first case and 4 GHz for the second.

They have an insulating resistance greater than 5Gomhios, an internal contact resistance less than 1.5 momhios and an external resistance less than 1 momhio. Its maximum power will be 80 W, with a working voltage of 500 VRMS and peaks of 1500 VRMS.

TNC Thread Neil Concelman connector

They also have a durability of 500 cycles and the same temperature range from 65 below zero to 165° above.

They also agree on the different possibilities in terms of angled, straight, panel, PCB, watertight… crimp mounting, cable gland and soldering, and specifications that allow them to be used with special cables, such as semi-rigid or flexible, or standard.

If you need connectors for the video surveillance industry, the BNC and TNC series are definitely the right choice. However, we invite you to always consult us so that we can advise you according to your project.

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For reasons of clarity of installation and safety, many modern electrical installations depend on circuits whose complexity merits different types of industrial connectors intended primarily for professional use. So that you can modulate, adjust and regulate your system perfectly, an industrial connector comes in many forms. In the nuanced frames of mechanics, robotization, assembly, machinery, photovoltaics, thermal and others, it is necessary to have the best connections and compatibilities between the different parts of your devices, and we propose them below.

Industrial connectors, robust and reliable components

Large industries need to make a sufficiently powerful current in their systems to optimize the quality of the operation. That’s why Alfa’r Connectors considers it important to offer industrial connectors that meet safety standards, but are also of excellent quality. The activities carried out by companies will no longer experience downtime caused by a connector failure.

industrial connector elements

The different elements of the connector

For an industrial connector to be effective, it must be equipped with certain elements that are equally useful. The cable entry cover is more than just a protective cover. Thanks to its excellent insulation, the cable does not run the risk of rubbing against each other, thus avoiding the risk of short-circuiting.

The range of pinned hoods supports the highest voltages, allowing intensive use of the products. The cover with pin can be used on an industrial connector with a very variable number of poles. A locking base plate ensures the perfect stability of any element connected to it.

Connector types

The plug-in male connector is suitable for several industrial devices. The industrial connector with crimp insert is suitable for the automotive, machine and technical industries. A female or male connector can be designed to meet environmental requirements. A shock-resistant model is easy to find, especially for mechanical and electrical applications such as wind turbines or railway technology.

Connexion systems

The expansion housing with locking system and flange for connection increases the reach of the industrial connector. The degree of protection of an industrial connector against water, dirt, smoke and even fire is random, depending on the standards trusted by the manufacturer. The connector can also be made of stainless steel or aluminium. Shielding depends on the limitations imposed on the materials by the electronic process.

Here is our brief explanation of the types of industrial connectors for professional industries and their main features. If you have any questions about these and how to apply them correctly, do not hesitate to contact our team of professionals in the sector.

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Among the many features that are being incorporated into industrial RF connectors, one of them is that they resist humidity. This is because, on many occasions, adverse situations can occur in which the presence of the latter may occur.

It is not that we are going to plunge the cabling and the devices and other elements into the water, but it is, of course, a very valuable characteristic, especially in some environments. Let’s look at the water-resistant RF industrial connectors.

Pisces, the RF connectors that connect the water

Intelliconnect, a company specialized in assemblies and connectors as Alfa’r, is the company that has announced new waterproof RF industrial connectors, a new generation of the previous models called, very conveniently, Pisces.

Metal alloy

The key point of these connectors is the alloy they are made of. This is given in aluminium, nickel and bronze. Thus, RF becomes suitable for demanding wet environments such as marine, oil, chemical or gaseous environments.

Conventional RF connectors are made of brass and have a finish that is usually either nickel or passivated stainless steel.

Well, the Intelliconect finish allows infinitely slower degradation in the demanding environments we’ve mentioned and where water-resistant RF industrial connectors become a necessity.

Waterproof industrial RF connectors

This ensures that optimum performance is maintained for a much longer period of time, thereby extending the service life of the connector and saving considerably compared to other inexpensive (not all, of course) non-Waterproof RF connectors.

The alloy itself is resistant to corrosion caused by water, so that it does not need plating to protect the environment.

The combination of nickel, bronze and aluminium results in a non-reflective surface of extremely long duration, whose level of corrosion resistance is inherently resistant to the very erosion of desert environments and components and which is also highly resistant to dust and sand as there is no silvery surface that can wear out.

In the same way, indicate that Pisces are also resistant to saline environments, even in the most extreme cases.

Where or when to use this type of connectors?

As if an RF connector were involved, we can use Pisces or other waterproof passive electronic components in systems:

  • Of communications
  • Nuclear Power Plants
  • Industrial SCADA control
  • Chemicals
  • Of military radars
  • Maritime and naval
  • From video
  • Others Other

They will be used in control tasks as well as in monitoring in any extreme industrial and marine environment where it is essential that maintenance of these is not costly or difficult.

Waterproof industrial RF connectors

Our industrial RF connectors

Finally, we didn’t want to finish without mentioning our industrial RF connectors, which offer a wide range of features that make them more than attractive.

You have them from 50 omhios up to 24 Ghz, depending on the versions, with press tow, crimping systems and “quick”, in a very wide catalogue where quality is imposed above all else.

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Alfa’ r wants to tell you today everything that is worth knowing about Socapex connectors, will there be anything you don’t already know? We’ll see!

What are Socapex connectors?

The Socapex connectors, from Amphenol, are nothing more than electrical connectors with 19 pins. Of these, 6 are face pins, 6 are neutral pins and another 6 are ground pins; the last one, the center, helps the male and female connectors to assemble correctly.

These connectivity solutions are applied in lighting to set scenarios, making multipair cable terminals.

Indicate that Socapex is a trademark registered by the Amphenol firm; although the term has been extended to connectors with these characteristics and is used indiscriminately and worldwide to refer to any connector of any type, whatever brand.

It’s something like Kleenex, Albal or Jacucci paper; they are well-known brands, which have become benchmarks, and we suppose that it is the product itself that bears that name, although the truth is that it is not.

Socapex connector

Socapex Connectors Features

Socapex brand connectors, in addition to the 19 pins, include:

  • A housing made of aluminum alloy and includes black insulating finishes.
  • Gold-plated contacts are offered for both soldering and assembling.
  • Versions in a number of different sizes to suit all lighting and other needs.
  • CRIMP version that includes extended ground contact, so that it can be connected first.
  • They work at 20 amps and with an AC voltage of 50 volts.
  • They have 400 volts AC operating voltage.
  • Its insulation resistance is considerable, 2000.
  • The contact resistance is level 3.
  • Its working temperature range is enormous, from -40 to 85º C.
  • Touch tension is up to 2 kg.
  • The supported pressure reaches 1800 VAC/min.
  • Socapex Industrial Connectors

Socapex connector

MC Multicontact Connectors

In Alfa’r Industrial Connectors we have, of course, connectors compatible with the famous Socapex, within our extensive catalogue of MC multi-contact connectors. These, like those of the well-known firm, have similar functions and characteristics.

This catalogue and its diversity of products allows us to address the electrical and electronic control sectors, offering a national alternative to the well-known models on the market until now –Socapex and others.

Circular connectors T10, T20, T30, T40 and T70

Taking into account all our catalogue of industrial connectors and especially the multi-contact connectors, we can cover all the needs of coexioning in access controls, robotics, industrial applications, control machines and vending machines, aeronautical, railway, for high intensity work, in domotics, in voltage work and, like Socapex connectors, in spectacular lighting.

With 40,000 standard references we have become leaders in the connection sector, keeping ahead with a constant renewal that happens, among other things, by offering real alternatives to the known connection systems that, in many cases, have become obsolete or directly obsolete.

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Do you know what a coaxial cable is? And the composition of the coaxial cables? We tell you in this entry what is the basic functioning of this one, as well as the elements that compose it and how they work to achieve their objective, which is the transport of electronic information in a secure manner.

What is a coaxial cable?

The word coaxial is the result of a contraction of “common access” (coax),”common access” in our language. We see as well as main electronic components manufactured and distributed by Alfa’ r: coaxial cables and connectors.

The cable itself is used to carry electrical signals that are high frequency.

Coaxial cables composition

This one has two conductors that are concentric, the live one, also called soul, that is going to be the one that carries this information, and the armor, that will be in charge of making the earth reference, treating the return of the currents.

In some cases, this is replaced by fiber optic cable to handle very high frequencies, especially when it is necessary to cover kilometric extensions.

Parts of a coaxial cable

In the composition of a coaxial cable, four parts can be distinguished: core, dielectric, mesh and sheath.

Coaxial cables composition


The core of the coaxial cable is the central part we see if we look at a cross section of it. It is the one that will be in charge of transporting all the electronic signals that are nothing but the source of information.

It is solid and can consist of either a solid wire of ferrous wire or several copper wires that will be twisted together.


The dielectric is a layer that isolates the core of the next layer, which is the twisted wire mesh, i. e. it covers it.

The reason for this is that both parties do not react well when they come into contact, as a short circuit occurs. Thus, any signals or noise in the mesh would be able to pass through the copper wire.

The characteristics of this one are very variable, always depending on the available budget for the manufacture, and it is the most fragile part of the cable if we take into account the exposure of each one of these. Thus, a weak dielectric can cause the whole cable to work, partially or totally; hence the importance of always betting on quality coaxial cables.

Coaxial cables dielectric

Wire mesh

The twisted wire mesh isolates the core from the electrical noise and distortion produced by the other adjacent wires.

It acts as a dough and can be completed with a metal sheet, so that double shielding is achieved.

We are talking about braided wire mesh, but we also use rolled sheets or corrugated copper and aluminium pipes.


The covers are, on almost all occasions, made of rubber, plastic or Teflon; the coating.

They are used to surround the cable in such a way as to avoid possible electric shocks.

Thus, this is the composition of the coaxial cables and their basic operation.

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